Monday,  January 15th, 2015
Craft Home London Trade Show
CRAFT 2015 is a unique opportunity to see the work of 150 contemporary designer makers working across a wide range of disciplines, from glass blowing to textile weaving. The work of these makers, some using techniques that date back hundreds of years, can be one of a kind or be made in small batches, but the results are always highly original.
The word ‘craft’ means different things to different people but the clear difference between the manufactured and the made is the manipulation of materials by hand.  This automatically gives the handmade a rarity value and work produced this way is highly individual by nature.

The handmade has experienced a huge revival in recent years, in part due to the excesses of mass production. Manufacture now finds a major competitor in simple, considered designs whose forms reflect the hand and mind of the maker in an extraordinary variety of ways.


Only two italians selected for the international show: Chiara De Filippis and Bigdesign di Luca Bignardi 

Craft Home London1

Craft Home London2

Craft Home London3

Craft Home London4